The Faustian Bargain

The trade-off is sickening. The tax bill, if you can call it that is one of the biggest scams to ever be pulled on the disadvantaged in our society. The lowest income earners may get a small decrease in taxes this year, and possibly for the next few years. But, in return, everything around them that makes their lives better will be changing for the worse. There will be less money to pay for your child’s college, or their teachers, or to fix up their homes and their schools and their roads and their parks. There will be fewer police officers protecting their communities. Their health insurance rates will sky-rocket. Those with physical and developmental disabilities will have their lives become harder. And next they’ll be going after every one of society’s safety nets, from providing formula for infants, to caring for the elderly who are sick to giving the elderly protection from hunger and homelessness. Yes, that bus that brings the disabled to a meaningful job will not be running anymore. Something needs to give to get those wealthy people their tax breaks. And they may pull it off. Haven’t they screwed the poor enough? Do they really need to squeeze more blood out of them? That is a rhetorical question for this is what you get when you elect leaders who care more about campaign contributions than to protect and serve the people who chose them.


Author: Scott White

I am a nationally recognized expert on college admissions, having worked in schools and colleges for 35 years. I have been regularly quoted in major publications including the NY Times, the LA Times, The Boston Globe, the Washington Post, Atlantic Monthly, Time Magazine and others. I am widely published on various aspects of the college admissions process and present at state and national conferences on a variety of college admissions related topics. I have worked in college admissions as well as independent day and boarding schools. The last 25 years I have worked in public schools, 14 as a school counselor and then as a Director of Guidance at elite, suburban public schools including Montclair High School, Westfield High School and Morristown High School. I am now an independent college counselor for SW College Consulting in Montclair. I can be contacted as or 973-919-6798.

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